reading muffin recipe
Pouring Ingredients
Mixing ingredients
Pouring Mixture into cup
child putting food intro microwave
Child pouring batter into muffin pan

When making muffins, children learn the amount of water added to the dry mix affects the consistency of the batter, the amount of batter in the cooking container affects the size of the resulting muffin, and the length of cooking time affects the texture, color, and taste of the muffin.

Emergent bakers can prepare their own individual basic muffin or corn muffin using these recipes. Additional ingredients such as berries can be added to the basic muffin mix to improve flavor. All recipes will need a master mix that an adult prepares ahead of time and places in a canister for children’s use in preparing their muffin. This master mix recipe appears above the individualized student recipes.

Select one of the versions to start cooking:

  • booklet:  one instruction per page.
  • 3-4 year olds:  The recipe directions are written in a rebus style (using high frequency words and pictures that stand for words).  Measurements are listed in terms of “big” and “small”. Pictures show not only what size spoon, but how many of each size.
  • grades K-2:  The recipe directions are written in simple text. Measurements are listed in cooking terms such as “Tablespoon” and “½ teaspoon”. Pictures show how many of each.
  • grades 2-3:  The recipe directions have minimal illustrations.