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Regents' Center to Provide Session at NAEYC's Professional Learning Institute

On June 11, the Iowa Regents' Center will put on a two-hour session entitled Ramps & Pathways: A Developmentally Appropriate Integrative STEM Experience for Young Learners for NAEYC's Professional Learning Institute held in Austin, Texas. The session will focus on the following two objectives:  

Objective 1: Identify materials and contexts ripe for integrative STEM When hard­pressed, early childhood teachers can find ways to address science and mathematics, even if they are not totally comfortable with these domains. But engineering is different. Engineering is often viewed as something outside the child’s world. It is something specialized adults do and something young children should learn about to entice them to think about becoming a future engineer. To assist children in learning about engineering, engineering practices from the outside adult world are broken down and made easier to fit inside the child’s world. This is engineering education from the outside in. This session flips this notion by viewing engineering education from the inside out. Recent research is identifying playful contexts within the child’s world that inspire young children to engage in precursors to engineering. Engineering is already part of the child’s world, and should be grown from the inside out. In this session, participants will engage in playful engineering with unit blocks, tracks, and marbles. They will value the integrative nature of engineering and identify meaningful concepts in science, technology, engineering, and spatial thinking within mathematics that young children will grapple with as they design and build using these materials. 

Objective 2: Examine and reconsider the early childhood environment through three lenses: physical layout, socio­emotional, and intellectual. Children must have access to time, space, and open­ended materials to fully capitalize on the cognitive value of integrative STEM. Early childhood teachers often express difficulty in finding time for STEM and state they do not have space or materials. This session will challenge participants to analyze and reconsider their current setting’s physical arrangement and use of time for the potential to develop children’s intellectual goals of reasoning, predicting, analyzing, and questioning in addition to moral development. Participants will reflect on their experiences building ramps and pathways and consider its potential for growing children’s intellectual goals. Suggestions for possible changes to the physical layout, time schedule, and the socio­emotional environment to include ramps and pathways experiences will be discussed.


Regents' Center Preparing for Second Round of Professional Learning for Governor's STEM Advisory Council

Iowa STEM Advisory Council

The Regents' Center Professional Learning Instructors are preparing to travel the state of Iowa to deliver classroom materials and professional learning for awardees of the Iowa STEM Advisory Council. Awardees will be able to implement Ramps & Pathways in their preschool, kindergarten, first, or second grade classrooms. Upon completion of professional learning, awardees will be invited back to the event Celebrating Ramps & Pathways: Mapping New Pathways to Student Learning  on the campus of UNI. This event will celebrate and connect teachers who implement Ramps & Pathways, and also provide some additional materials to bring back to their classrooms.  Thank you to the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council for this opportunity!