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Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education

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Need help getting started? 

Contact us on how to receive a small kit of track, marbles, and notes on how to begin for $150 (includes shipping). The track is milled out of hard maple and will not warp. 

Kit Contents: ten 1-foot tracks; ten 2-foot tracks; ten 3-foot tracks;  and notes on how to begin Ramps & Pathways in your setting.

Contact us at


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Programs in Action

Scaffolding Children’s Thinking
A group of four-year-olds are working together on a long straight ramp. They are having trouble getting the...
Analyzing and Predicting
During ramp construction this four-year-old builds a curved path and tries to line it with straight blocks. He...
Ramps and Pathways: The Beginning
Physics in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms:  A Constructive Approach.  Presented by the Regents'...
Ramps and Pathways: Integrated STEM
Ramps and Pathways gives children endless possibilities to think and create. They build, test their ramp...