Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education

STEM Experiences for Classrooms

Teachers are most effective when they facilitate the development of children's ability to reason rather than focusing primarily on rote memorization and following directions. This demands teachers design and engineer educational experiences and classroom environments that are tailored to their children's specific needs and interests.

Below are activities early childhood teachers can download to explore how they can begin to facilitate children's reasoning in STEM, literacy, and self-regulation. These activity sheets are helpful to teachers who are exploring how they can arrange their environment and interact with their children to deepen their learning by engaging in authentic problem solving. Once teachers experience their children's satisfaction and joy in solving their own problems, it will be difficult to not want to explore further!


Air Dynamics  Air Dynamics:  Exploring and Engineering Air Streams


Chutes and Silos  Chutes & Silos: Exploring Force and Motion with Infants and Toddlers


Contents and Containers  Contents and Containers:  Exploring Space with Infants and Toddlers


games  Developing Mathematical Reasoning through Playing Games


Pattern Blocks  Developing Spatial Thinking with Pattern Block Puzzle Frames


Ramps and Pathways  Exploring Force and Motion through Ramps and Pathways


Block Building  Exploring Geometry through Block Building


Shadows  Exploring Light & Shadow


Physics of Sound  Exploring Physics of Sound through Musical Instrument Making


Infants and Toddlers Block Play  Infants and Toddlers Block Play:  STEM in the Blocks Center


Water Movement  Let It Flow:  Exploring Water Movement


Name Cards  Name Cards


Observational Drawing  Observational Drawing


Child cooking  Pancakes, Pudding, and Problem-Solving:  Investigating Chemistry in Cooking


Pendulum  Pendulum


Rulemaking  Rulemaking


Child blowing bubbles  Soap & Water Sandwich:  Investigating Bubbles


Target Ball  Target Ball


Tops  Tinkering with Tops:  Exploring Physics of Rotational Motion