Below are testimonials from participants who have attended the Exploring Force and Motion through Ramps and Pathways professional development.

participants from exploring force and motion through ramps and pathways participants from exploring force and motion through ramps and pathways

"This workshop was so much fun & educational. I could have brought my 5-year-old and she would have loved it." ~ Kirsten Minert, Program Coordinator

"Loved the presentation and the info shared. I could relate this to a variety of age groups. I love all the hands on time to learn & explore." ~Melissa Masters, Preschool teacher

"The workshop was very practical and interesting. It gave me a lot of ideas for implementing STEM ideas into our classroom. I was challenged to create a better learning environment that promotes exploration in every center." ~Anonymous, Preschool Teacher

"Enjoyed attending this workshop - fun, informative, & educational in thought processes of young children and ways to make science & technology exciting & fun."  ~Tammy Heistand, Preschool teacher

"This workshop has awesome ideas & really gets you pumped up & excited!"  ~Sarah Owen, Preschool teacher

"This was a great class that has so much to offer.  The instructor did a good job explaining and making it interesting."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"It was a great workshop.  Very fun and hands on.  It was useful information to have to help the kids learn and grow.  The teacher was amazing at explaining, giving advice from personal experience and overall extremely helpful."  ~Alexis Stone, Preschool teacher

"Very fun!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"This was great and it was nice to know that there are other fun hands-on activities.  Thank you for some great info for our youth to use!"  ~Kristi Peterson, Assistant Director and Preschool teacher


participants exploring force on ramps and pathways


"Very educational."  ~Stacy Evans, Preschool teacher

"Having the opportunity to use the materials was fantastic!  This workshop was a lot of fun and working with others to accomplish our creation really showed that building together also helps children work together to problem solve.  Ramps and Pathways promotes cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development."  ~Shantel Johnson, Montessori School

"Got to do fun activities."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Very interesting!  One of the best classes I have attended."   ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Great working in groups & seeing others ideas.  This class was fantastic!!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Loved it!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I loved the hands on!  So fun!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Can hardly wait to try this!  This class more than met my expectations.  Amazing!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher


participants smiling while exploring force on ramps and pathways participants exploring force through ramps and pathways


"Love, love, loved it!"  ~Kristie Lindemann, Preschool teacher

"Awesome.  Can't wait to bring to my classroom."  ~Christy Brugh, Preschool teacher

"Great workshop!  Totally useful!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Loved it.  Must see by all teachers."  ~Kim Breyer, Preschool teacher

"Great workshop - very valuable & practical.  After this workshop, I see ramps in a new way.  The open-ended materials make it easy for children of all developmental stages to engage."  ~Erin Hamel, Preschool teacher

"The presenter was awesome!  The workshop was very fun and practical!  I love the Ramps and Pathways workshop!!!  The best workshop in my life!!!"  ~Jungwon Eum, Graduate Student

"Very active and fun.  Felt like a kid again."  ~Anonymous, Home child care provider

"I really enjoyed being able to get down and participate and be able to understand what the children would be able to get down and do."  ~Brittany Bogner, Preschool teacher

"Lots of new idea.  FUN!!!"  ~Kathryn Adams, Home child care provider

"It was very informative.  It gave me a lot of ideas."  ~Jeri Pickrell, Home child care provider

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