How Can I Make That Noise Again? Exploring Sound with Infants & Toddlers

spoon sound
plucking sound
toddlers sound

Exploring sound can help young children investigate the physical properties of objects and promote the developing brain’s ability to engage in inquiry, analysis, and logical thought as they act on objects. When exploring sound-making materials, young children have opportunities to compare objects, explore space, use objects as tools, and construct relationships that build a foundation for later physical science concepts. Their interest in sound-making will inspire them to try out their ideas and make connections between their actions and the result they observe. As they discover these connections, they build mental relationships, that is, they learn!

Participants will have the opportunity to explore materials that can be used to investigate sound with young children, view video from classrooms where infants and toddlers are engaging in sound investigation, and learn about incorporating STEM learning centers in their own classrooms in an interactive 3-hour session.

Workshop format:  face-to-face

Length of workshop:  3 hours

Number of participants:  limited to 24

To view the experience sheet for this workshop, please click here.