Take Ten

Take Ten game


Take 10 provides children many opportunities to add numbers together, and find a missing addend to reach 10. Children must add many numbers together on each turn in order to evaluate possible card placements and decide on the best placement of their card. With each turn, children are developing their understanding of the part-whole relationship of numbers. As students place a number, they are asked to think about how 4 smaller numbers combine to make 10, asking them to think about the hierarchical inclusion aspect of numbers. That is, all of the numbers smaller than a number are included in that number. So, for example, 5 is included in 6; however, 6 is not included in 5. Once the board is completely covered with cards, children can evaluate up to 10 different options for rows of 4 cards, and 16 different possible placements. Children also have the opportunity to develop defensive strategies such as blocking potential moves for other players.

Recommended # of Players: 2 - 6

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