I Doubt It

I Doubt It game


I Doubt It is a game intended to develop a student’s reasoning skills. Children have the opportunity to reason about the probability that another player actually had the card that he or she claims to have just played. This prompts children to pay attention to which cards have (supposedly) already been played and to compare that information to the cards he or she is holding. For example, if a child holds two 5s, and the game is into the third round when another player claims to have placed a 5, that child has a good reason to doubt that the player actually placed a 5 on the stack. An added benefit to this game is that it provides many opportunities for perspective taking. Children begin to learn that it is possible to trick someone as well as to tell when someone is trying to trick them.

The game can be made more difficult by adding additional sets of cards.

The I Doubt It 3’s and I Doubt It 4’s versions of this game have the added benefit of repetitive practice of multiples.

Recommended # of Players: 3 - 4

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