What’s In a Bubble? Exploring the Physics by Blowing Bubbles

Children playing with soapy water
Adults playing with bubbles
Child making a bubble in his hand with soapy water
Child making a bubble in his hand with soapy water

Experimenting with bubbles made of soap film gives children an opportunity to construct relationships that will serve as a practical foundation for later conceptual understanding. For example, they will have the opportunity to construct relationships about light and color, surface tension, and chemical composition. Children – and adults too! -- engage in inquiry when seeking answers to such questions as:  How can I hold a bubble without letting it pop?  Can I make a square bubble?  How can I make a bubble with a fork? Because many children have had experiences with bubbles, they can be introduced during activity time with an invitation to children to experiment. During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to engage their own inquiry learning about bubbles and engage in lively discussion about what they figured out!

Workshop format:  face-to-face

Length of workshop:  3 hours

Number of participants:  limited to 24

To view the experience sheet for this workshop, please click here.