Waterworks: Engineering the Movement of Water

Child playing with water
Children playing with water
Child playing with water
Child playing with water

Play is often seen as a frivolous use of time in school. However, research shows that play is a powerful tool for driving development. What does play mean in the exploration of water? And what is the role of the teacher in providing experiences and stimulating investigations with water and the movement of water? Teachers can provide integrated STEM experiences that engage young children in investigations that intrigue them and encourage them to develop scientific and engineering habits of mind. Their learning is strengthened when they have the opportunities to engage in the science practices that have been identified in the Next Generation Science Standards.

When engaged in the exploration of water, children can make predictions about what will happen when they pour water from a large container into a smaller one; test their ideas about the trajectory of water from a cup with a small hole on the side; and learn about quantity, size, and shape in a context the engages them. In addition, they have opportunities to construct explanations about the phenomena they are observing and communicate their findings to others. And all of this in environment of playful learning!

Participants will experiment with the same water materials they can introduce to children and learn how to inspire children's investigation into the properties of water.

Workshop format:  face-to-face

Length of workshop:  3 hours

Number of participants:  limited to 24

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