Exploring Balance and Motion

Child playing with tops
Child playing with a big spinning top
Children playing with spinning tops
Child playing with a spinning top

High quality STEM experiences capitalize on children’s prior experiences and their interest in the world and how it works. Most children have had experiences with balance and rotational motion. They spin in circles to see how long it takes to get dizzy or twist the chains of a swing and then release it to twist in the opposite direction. They navigate toward playground equipment that requires balance or find everyday objects that can challenge their balance and coordination. Some children may have been given tops or may have experimented with spinning other objects.

They may have played games that require balance and coordination such as Twister or Topple. Balance and motion materials and activities can be chosen so that they fulfill the four requirements of a rich STEM activity: 1) Children can produce the action themselves; 2) the result of their action is immediate; 3) the result of their action is observable; and 4) there is something children can vary.

This workshop will provide participants with opportunities to investigate interesting materials that have been piloted in PK-2 classrooms and that challenge children (and adults) to engage in all elements of STEM. Photos and video will be shared from classrooms where children are engaged in a curriculum where movement is part of the routine and children are developing the Habits of Mind necessary for the world in which they will be living and working.

Workshop format:  face-to-face

Length of workshop:  3 hours

Number of participants:  limited to 24

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