Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education

Regents' Center and Child Development Center Collaboration

Sherri Peterson, Program Coordinator at the Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education has been collaborating with the staff at the UNI Child Development Center in order to observe infants and toddlers and develop STEM curriculum for children from 12-36 months. Currently they are using chutes and silos (clear acrylic tubes of various sizes along with balls, natural materials, found objects, scarves, and bean bags) to observe what young children do with open-ended materials when they are given time and opportunity to explore and experiment. Teachers collaborate with RC staff to determine when to add or change materials and how and when to intervene in order to provide high quality experiences that are likely to nurture the development of STEM learning dispositions. Pictures and videotapes provide information so that teachers can reflect on student learning and the effectiveness of the materials. Future plans include development of workshop modules for infant/toddler teachers based on the action research in the classrooms.