July 11-13, 2019: Regents’ Center staff to be featured speakers at the Annual Early Childhood Conference at East Tennessee State

Mary Donegan- Ritter, Sherri Peterson, and Beth VanMeeteren will be the featured speakers.

Presenting for the Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning & Development at East Tennessee State University at the Annual Early Childhood Conference on July 11-13, 2019. On Thursday, July 11, they will present a full day workshop entitled “STEM for All Learners.” The morning session will focus on force and motion experiences for infants and toddlers and the afternoon session will focus on PreK- third grade students.

Throughout the workshop, presenters will discuss Universal Design for Learning so that young children with special needs and dual language learners can participate fully in high quality STEM experiences in early childhood classrooms and in informal learning activities.

On Friday Mary Donegan-Ritter will present a session on “Documentation of Children’s Learning during STEM Experiences” which will include some of the work she and other UNI faculty have been doing with preservice teachers. Beth VanMeeteren will present on “Exploring Geometry Through Block Building.”  On Saturday Sherri Peterson will be sharing a session entitled “Exploring Blocks with Infants and Toddlers.” Both of these sessions will include some of the materials that are being made as a result of a collaboration between the Department of Industrial Technology and the Regents’ Center.