Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education

Director Takes Part in Setting Policy in Early STEM

On September 17th and the 18th, Iowa Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education’s Director, Beth Van Meeteren spent two days with a team of 14 led by the Education Commission of the States in Denver, Colorado. Billed as the "Early Learning STEM Thinkers Meeting", the team was charged with identifying a comprehensive set of key policies critical to five policy levers to ensure broad access to high quality STEM learning experiences from pre-K to third grade (P-3) statewide.

Policy levers included:

1) Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

2) Teacher Certification/Licensure/Endorsement

3) Standards and Assessment

4) Principal Leadership

5) Equity and Access. The Education Commission of the States plans to publish this policy report early in 2020