April 1-5, 2019: Director Beth Van Meeteren Invited to attend 2019 LEGO Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark

The LEGO Idea Conference is held once a year in Billund, Denmark where the iconic LEGO toy was invented. A limited number of people from around the world are invited to attend. This year's LEGO Idea Conference theme was "Unlocking the Power of Parenting" focusing on the power of play in the parent/child relationship. Attendees consisted of 300+ thought leaders, experts, social innovators, and practitioners across the globe invested in realizing the power of parenting. Van Meeteren participated in focused discussion sessions exploring the importance of recognizing and understanding of context around children's opportunity to engage in playful learning. Primary caregivers have a huge impact on children's development and learning and attendees sought solutions to support caregivers to foster the skills children need. Van Meeteren's travel was sponsored by FIRST LEGO League. Van Meeteren serves as a consultant to the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program that engages younger students and introduces them to STEM concepts using LEGO elements. Following the conference, Van Meeteren and Jackie Marsh, Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield in the UK worked with project leaders to design and develop the next season of FIRST LEGO League Jr., BOOMTOWN Build. https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/flljr/challenge-and-season.

This year's season: "Mission Moon" is currently underway.