2018 Learning Supports Conference

Teachers can support their young learners' development of conflict resolution and executive function skills through STEM experiences. March 2, 2018, Beth Van Meeteren and Sherri Peterson, Director and Program Coordinator of the Iowa Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education provided a day-long session to Iowa teachers at the Department of Education's Learning Supports Conference. Participants learned that by embracing conflict and supporting children in conflict resolution, they assist their children's ability to take another's perspective. Perspective taking is essential in the practices of science and engineering, within problem solving in mathematics, and in the act of writing for an audience, or reading from an author's perspective. Examples of STEM experiences were presented to participants as they considered how to design the physical, socio-moral, and intellectual environments within their classroom to facilitate children's investigations into what is in the world and how it works. In the process of these investigations, children have the potential to develop leadership behaviors.  For more information, please contact Beth VanMeeteren at beth.vanmeeteren@uni.edu.