2017 NAEYC Infant and Toddler Problem Solving with Chutes and Silos

Sherri Peterson, Program Coordinator, will present Infant and Toddler Problem Solving with Chutes and Silos at the NAEYC 2017 Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA on November 18th, 2017 from 3:00-4:30.  Chutes and Silos is a physical science activity involving clear acrylic tubes and a variety of objects such as balls, cylinders, natural materials, and found objects for infants and toddlers to explore by tipping, rolling, bouncing, throwing, and moving. It appeals to children’s interests and desires to figure out how the physical world works and to modify the physical world to make something interesting happen. Photos and videotapes of children using the materials in classrooms and teachers interacting with children will illustrate principles of teaching that will guide teachers in setting up the environment, intervening in ways that provide multiple opportunities for young children to explore the properties and functions of objects in order to nurture the development of STEM learning dispositions. This session will also provide practical information about the key elements of the teacher’s role in facilitating Chutes and Silos and other high quality early STEM activities.

Sherri Peterson Chutes and Silos presentation