Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education


Below are testimonials from participants who have attended the Pancakes, Pudding, and Problem-Solving: Investigating Chemistry in Cooking CEESTEM professional development.

cutting a banana

"The presenter was wonderful! She's very upbeat & fun & kept the class interesting & moving along."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Very interesting and informative."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I enjoyed this class and it gave me more ideas how to get each child to share and interact with others."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I think everyone needs to attend this workshop."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Better than expected!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I loved having time for the hands on."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Got to make yummy food!  You learn a lot even if you don't know how to cook."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Loved it!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Exceeded my expectations."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"It made me more confident to try more cooking projects."  ~Jane Heider, Director