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Below are testimonials from participants who have attended the Soap & Water Sandwich: Investigating Bubbles CEESTEM professional development.

playing with bubblesbig bubbleblowing bubbles

"This class was a lot of fun.  It didn't take a lot of money, used recycled materials (green).  Yeah!  It made us smile & giggle and my hands are really soft now.  It was a Bubblicious Blast!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Great ideas!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I enjoyed the hands on activities and learned different ways to incorporate the bubbles into my daycare.  Letting the children figure things out on their own is huge.  I'm hoping to let my kiddos get hands on and let them discover things on their own."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Had a great time learning different ways to make bubbles!"  ~Jennifer Juhl, Preschool teacher

"It was a great workshop and I have learned many new things that I will try out with my daycare kids.  I'm excited to see the outcome."  ~Hope DeRoos, Daycare employee

"Very fun training!  Learned a lot that I never knew that I could do with bubbles and or work to make bubbles more fun."  ~Samantha Freese, Preschool teacher

"Fun workshop.  Great ideas!  Hands on was a lot of fun.  Can't wait to use new ideas with bubbles."  Pam Noll, Home child care provider

"I enjoyed this class very much."  ~Pat Haberberger, Daycare teachers


Blowing big bubbles

Blowing bubbles


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