Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education

Block Building

Below are testimonials from participants who have attended the Exploring Geometry through Block Building CEESTEM professional development.

block buildingblock buildingblock building

"Reminds me to play with the children & ask questions.  How many things can be taught."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I really enjoyed this class and it opened my eyes to the world of blocks.  Thanks!!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I am excited to integrate this right away!  Great Presentation!!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I didn't really think about everything that's taught with blocks prior to this class.  It really got me thinking about the different shapes we can create and structures we can build.  It completely surprised me the amount of info I took awy from this training.  Loved the way the instructor presented the information in a personable way."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Loved it!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Building with eyes closed & observation were great!"  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"I am totally rethinking our Building Center after this class!  I love that we not only learned 'how,' but also the 'why.'  I like that we practiced the best ways to comment and question different block formations."  ~Nancy Bleuer, Preschool teacher

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and very well spoken.  She made learning and understanding fun!"  ~Elizabeth Osmundson, Preschool teacher

"I think this class was an eye opener."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher