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Air Dynamics

Below are testimonials from participants who have attended the Air Dynamics: Exploring and Engineering Air Streams CEESTEM professional development.

experimenting with air experimenting with airexperimenting with air

"I will use a lot of what I've learned today."  ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Great class!" ~Suzi Dunn, Home child care provider

"Our presenter did a wonderful job and gave us real, simplistic activities to do in our class." ~ Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Had a lot of fun experimenting with tubes and vac." ~Christy Wellendorf, Director

"Fresh, applicable ideas that are cheap & easy to do." ~Niki Tornabane, Preschool teacher

"It was fun to do hands on and play!" ~Anonymous, Preschool teacher

"Hands on time makes me want to go home and experiment...can't wait to get back to the classroom." ~Kristen Walker, Director and Preschool teacher

"Informative and knowledgable." ~Anonymous, Child care center for infant/toddler

"Time flies when you're having fun!" ~Dawn Stonehocker, Home child care provider

"Had a lot of fun and learned some new things."  ~Madison Davis, Preschool teacher

"It was a great workshop.  I like the hands on activities."  ~Allyssa Peterson, works with infant

"I learned more about exploring science through play than I ever knew possible."  ~Jacy Peters, Director

"I love new ideas.  If I am excited at a workshop, the children will be too.  Lots of new ideas to extend the interest of the children."  ~Jane Heider, Director

"I really enjoyed the class and can use it in my classroom."  ~Deanne Hanson, Preschool teacher

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